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I'll post all trades I've received and explain how I love each one  :meow:

Visit their authors and give them a watch, their art is awesome a lot! :D

at bioteknos by keke247 By :iconkeke247:

The style is amazing because it shows how is the world of Jiggles in the first chapter :meow: She enters to go for the doll and you can see her intentions in her face :love: that's really amazing :D

 [Trade] Amy and Shadow Ghosts by GrymRyder By :icongrymryder:

One of my favorites because is Amy, my frist recurrent OC tht still appearing yet :D
I still in love at the author's style, because is a miz of comic and manga that has a lot of darkylines and creepy atmospheres (yeah, I love it :love: )... Why didn't talk about it before? Well, is a very old picture; but that only shows how amazing is this piece that endures after the time :D

Jiggles and Emeline by ScorpionsKissx and Wonderland by ScorpionsKissx By :iconscorpionskissx:

Both were a part of the same trade; Actually I feel the first one was good, but She draw other (the wonderland pic) and is better! :love:  I really love how She is so versatile and plays with the design :) One dress as a mushroom, the stilyzed body of Emeline in the first one.. :love: So great! :D

Felinoid by ataquederayo By :iconataquederayo:

Is a very interestin trade because is not based in any character of mine, is more a great concept created by his own author and shows a very interesting aspect of ethniciy (because He has Mexican Nationality) :meow: i reccomend you to see it in Hd in her gallery and enjoy :D

Camera(1) by keke247 By :iconkeke247:

The second trade with the author, is a good drawing and a cool protrait of Rain (and her first, but not the last appearition in a trade :P ); Her pose reminds me Psycho-Mantis, but also looks sexy :meow: Is a great traditional drawing, I know :D

Amy by ScorpionsKissx By :iconscorpionskissx:

Amy strikes back! :dummy: I really love how she looks in her origial appeareance (if you check my gallery of OCs you should see that Amy has changed her looks at least three times :P ) She looks so creepy but innocent, and the shadow ghosts has all the personality of their second design :meow: Is more focused in their emotions and that makes this drawing so special :love:

Hector Puhz by ThatKidwholikesPunk By :iconthatkidwholikespunk:

Fist trade that involves one of my most famous characters :D  I really love how this drawing shows Dr. Puhz surrounded by a dark aura, but still looking like a gentleman :D  is  obvious that his eye is one of his features, but in this case, all the pose is cool :D

Emeline for Bioteknos by LeahPlainAndTallish By :iconleahplainandtallish:
Is emeline and I love Emeline; Even She defeated Amy in who is my more recurrent character.  She is a part of a project of a picture book I have and to see her in a less cartoony style makes me very happy! TwT  She looks gorgeous and all what was put in her is more than exquisite :love: Actually She made a great work here :D

The Mystical Huntress by ScorpionsKissx By :iconscorpionskissx:
Is more accurate to the original concept as I ever wished to try :D She caught with her awesome style how a mystical ghost huntress should looks like and is more than amazing! :D And the fact is at night gives more that creepy aua that I really love :D

 Rain: for Bioteknos by LeahPlainAndTallish By :iconleahplainandtallish:

Wow! she actually improved the design of Rain! :love: i lvoe what She did with her, because not only was drawn in her style, was also with a very cool change of look :D She is more than before and was cool to see how She played with the background I made in a lot of time :D Is great to see :love:

Art Trade for Bioteknos by SilentRainxvii By :iconsilentrainxvii:

i love traditional art and this is a great example of why :love: she gave to Madeleine a better look and a lot of personality :D look at her eyes: she looks so naughty and lethal but cute at the same time! :love: So cool! :D

Miriam: For Bioteknos (Aka 'a girl and her thing') by LeahPlainAndTallish By :iconleahplainandtallish:
I LOVE THIS DRAWING because shows more the meaning of hope that my drwaing title "Hope" :B REally, Shows more How Miriam was caged and hopeless until She discovered the bod and the creature :D And also stimulated me to continue talking about the Order of the Mystical Shrimp :meow:

Astray subsequent (ART TRADE) by Oi-Chibi By :iconoi-chibi:
First; is the mos coloured trade I ever have!  and I love it :love: Really, I love hot they looks because is a mix of two eras for me these times when I0ve created Dr. Puhz and the most recent times when I've created Sewed-mouth Phillips and now more with these railroads in the backgroun , that shows something a few people noted: Both characters lives into an steampunk world :D

Still lacking a few drawings but one was storaged  ( :( ) and two still in develeopment by their authors...I guess XD

Remember, I still having two slots for trades.  All these people whose have done a trade with me before, will have the chance to ask me for a trade anytime, that's the reason because I only mention them once in the slots :)

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thanks for the fave! :3
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thank you so much for all the faves dear <3 I really appreciate it!
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Thanks for the favs:) (Smile) 
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thanks so much for the faves, very much appreciated :iconrbheartplz::iconmonkeyloveplz:
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